What are the conditions of the golden fire barbecue

"this is our time is your final or your" yesterday is Chairman Mao’s birthday, he suddenly thought of this word, it always belongs to this era of contemporary young people, we will be young and aging. The food and beverage industry if you want to seize the young people to help the consumer groups, you must know what they like. Young people are the main force to eat barbecue, gold fire barbecue specifically for young people and the development of hot pursuit by young people. Zibo golden fire catering Co., Ltd.’s golden fire barbecue was founded in 2005, its core technology lies in the side of the fire barbecue, meat flip". Gold fire barbecue grill, eliminating the traditional barbecue smoked, unsanitary, cooked meat, even lost their original taste and many other ills, to achieve a smoke-free barbecue, to enable consumers to enjoy the green, healthy and rich taste of the barbecue culture, meet the demand of consumers. So how to join the fire barbecue?

gold fire barbecue how to join? What need to meet the conditions for joining?

gold fire barbecue join conditions:

1, an enterprise organization or individual

with independent civil liability

2, with a suitable place of business, there is a certain start-up capital and liquidity

3, must be the direct operators and managers of the shop, can participate in the management of the company, with the company to provide timely feedback market information

4, to be loyal to maintain the brand image of the brand, the desire to operate for a long time?

gold fire barbecue join process description:

1, consulting to understand

2, ask for information

3, fill in the application form

4, after the audit visits to headquarters

5, with the headquarters to do business survey

6, signed a letter of intent with the headquarters

7, location

8, signed a formal contract

9, preparing for opening

10, opened

above is a simple introduction to the conditions of the golden fire barbecue and join the process, if you have any other aspects of the brand to join what you need to know, please leave a message below our website. < >

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