What do you need to know before opening the cake shop

said modaobuwukanchaigong, before doing what if the preparatory work done very well in the future to do what matter can make you more effective. So is the food and beverage industry, would like to open a cake shop must be well prepared before the opening. Today Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the need to open a cake shop when the factors which


1. consumer awareness and taste

different levels of customers, the style of their consumption is not the same, so in the store location, according to the different main customers to take different positioning. Consumer awareness and taste is the track, and the location of the shop can only be a train, the train must be on the track, once derailed, the consequences can be imagined.

2. values of the population

at present, many large and medium-sized city are relatively concentrated to form a variety of functional areas, such as commercial district, University District, residential areas, tourist areas and so on, set up shop in different areas, natural positioning to adjust the shop. According to the "20 / 80 regulations", the shop location within the district must aim at 20% main customers.

3. target customer income level

the reason is very simple, in the rich city of high-grade villas and community inhabited place, and the consumption level to adapt to some location relatively high stores; instead, focus on affordable housing community shop, shop location would make the appropriate adjustments, if the blind pursuit of luxury, the result will be Kadoba neglected.

above is a small series for everyone on the opening of the cake shop when investors need to investigate the factors, we hope to bring help.

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