Don’t change the industry adhere to the business for seven years finally got the first pot of gold

a lot of people in the early days of business failure, that is their own choice of industry is not correct, in fact, in many cases, the cause of entrepreneurial failure lies in itself, as long as one industry can do, other industries can also succeed.

However, even if the

look for directions, but the road ahead is not smooth. In the process of management of women’s underwear, he suffered a big blow for two times; and his first pot of gold is also working in after seventh years to find the.

1991 just arrived in Zhejiang, Yiwu, mainly in wholesale women’s underwear. A young man leave the hometown to the field to do business at the beginning, what are not, like a big man to sell underwear, somewhat unnatural. "At that time, do not say anything else, even stand in the shop will blush," said Zhou, he overcame a year to adapt. Of course, there are more difficulties than this, but he has overcome, until 1995, he began to make money.

With the

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