May wish to allow students to participate in the kindergarten Entrepreneurship

Chinese entrepreneurs have a lot of entrepreneurial options, such as the education industry is a relatively popular in recent years, a number of entrepreneurial projects. Recently, Hefei Yaohai District Secretary of the army, kindergartens should give students entrepreneurial opportunities.

with the two child policy liberalization, the social demand for pre-school education will be enlarged. Hefei Yaohai district party secretary army believes that the current kindergarten "the separation of management in bidding for some high threshold, let the young students entrepreneurs lost opportunities, the government may consider adjusting the conditions set.

"government cover the kindergarten, which manages?" Ask Hefei Yaohai District Secretary of the army, "now the conditions set, I will mention a: now encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, just want to do a few college students, the kindergarten, a lifetime to do it up." The army believes that college students do not do kindergarten is not good, hope can do appropriate adjustments to the evaluation standard.

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