Nanjing housing prices began to decline

prices are a hot topic all over the world, especially in Nanjing, prices have been amazing. But the Nanjing housing prices rose city ranking, from June to eighteenth in the first place in July. The following and small series of specific understanding. The evening of July 31st, the West Central real estate Jinyu Zijing Fu launched 148 units of new housing, this housing sales license price 44783 yuan / square meter, compared with the number of houses rose only 600 yuan / square meters, or weak, and again by the pressure in the 45 thousand yuan / square meter price of the "red line" under the.

is a strict limit, the "characteristics" of the Nanjing property market, under the strict control of local housing prices rising fast pace forced grabbed. On the evening of 31, Chinese Index Research Institute released July national city price index, Nanjing prices rose 2.39%, listed 100 City eighteenth, and in June, Nanjing had rose to 3.82% ranked first in 100 City, from the first to the eighteenth, the decline in ranking obvious concern.

slowdown, with the listing of listings in July have a certain relationship, such as the high price of housing listings less, the number of listings in the relatively large number of relatively low price, but the price increase slowed down mainly due to price." In the hospital Nanjing branch senior analyst Li Feiying told reporters.

, according to her introduction, the middle finger of the monthly telephone survey Nanjing all in the sale of real estate prices, research is the real price. If there is a real estate declaration is a price, there is a discount in the actual sales, the price weighted after the discount statistics. Its statistical data will be Lishui, Gaochun prices are included, if the month of the two regional listings listed more concentrated, then it is clearly pulled down the overall average price level. National Bureau of statistics released on the 18 day of the month of 70 large and medium cities house price index is the transaction price statistics, but we do not differ with them, the law is also more consistent fluctuations."

Li Feiying said that the July Nanjing price department proposed five measures to curb rising prices in the second half, this hot area to set the "dynamic price cap", the larger price increase and still rising momentum of the plate, "cap" signs are also more obvious. Reporters noted that in Nanjing last week for 8 real estate sales license, many higher prices are expected to have been real estate price cap, Jinyu mansion Zijing is one of them.

and a number of real estate marketing in the responsible person said, the price department control "the Hexi prices most strictly, the west central limit has a few months to house prices in 45 thousand yuan / square meters of the" red line ", the South West of the price ceiling is 35 thousand yuan / square meters, is also a real estate can break through.


industry is also popular with the other sectors of the estimated price of the "red line", such as Jiangning, Jiangbei, Xianlin "red line" price is 30 thousand yuan / square meters, Binjiang Shimonoseki 40 thousand recommended

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