Waste collection started 80 partnership venture build up the family fortunes

partnership is now no longer unusual, many young people want to venture. The first step in a partnership is to find the right partner and find the right project. Through the collection of waste started, after the partnership to make millions of entrepreneurs, they are how successful? Let’s take a look.

28 year old Nguyen is filial piety, after studying in Wuhan in 2005, after graduating from college, took a few civil servants, each interview is not. He was at home playing for nearly a year, his parents support him to test the civil service, but he was reluctant to eat old people".

2008, Ruan Hao’s first job is the site safety officer, after doing a few months later, because he can not see the future, he resigned and left. Second jobs, Ruan Hao began to start a business, he contracted a cafeteria in a school, do a year, but there is no loss, but to clear a variety of links, not much social experience, he gave up the line.

2009 years, unemployed at home he began to collect waste. He stepped on the tricycle street, from the beginning to collect some bottles, paper and other rubbish, then designed at the site on the waste steel head. In this process, he met Guo will. The Guo Wuhan, he was tall, two national athletes.

and Ruan Hao Guo will target great waste in the understanding of this line, they decided to venture partner, then business. In 2010, two people in a rented warehouse in the vicinity of Wuhan University of science and technology park. One day a young man came up and asked them whether the company received waste, a list of two people, make a pot of gold. In fact, only a few thousand dollars."   business gradually expanded, the amount of waste recycling began to increase. Once, a site has more than ten tons of waste steel head to deal with. The other asked them to send someone over to clean up, two people will find a few temporary porters. On a good price, they will be anxious to see each other, go back the price hike. Guo said angrily.

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