Killing 10 elderly nanny terror only for early January wages

a lot of elderly people living alone, many children do not have time to take care of their parents, they asked a full-time nanny to take care of. Recently, terrorist cases elderly nanny poison exposure, the murderer to name the murder of 10 elderly nanny, it acts simply frightful to the ear.

where granny daughter-in-law Leung through a Nansha nanny agency, an aunt what day brought to Nansha District to take care of 70 year old how old, please take time what day said, "if a few days old man died, also want to pay the salary of a month." She did not think that this sentence has hidden dangers.

extraordinary, besides a single case, any day from June 2013 to December 2014 with a nurse during another 9 elderly people in her posts soon suddenly died. Repeated investigation of the public security organs, let the day with a 22 confession, he took the 21 time admitted the killing of the elderly in the 10. But because the family did not find clues, the man’s body has been cremated, the prosecution that the lack of key evidence, so only to a case where granny indicted.

trial Watch


carry poison needle   "useful to me on their luggage in

yesterday on the court, where the day with suspicion of intentional homicide in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court trial, she accused of the fact that there is no objection, but it was tight lipped about the motive. According to what the day with testimony in court, she came to Nansha from the South China Sea, in addition to the luggage and clothes, "syringe needle, a small bottle of sleeping pills, dichlorvos drops, a little bit of tetramine".


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