The cat’s Chongqing small noodles profit analysis

Chinese Chongqing small noodles boom has echoed in Chinese delicacy for two years, the country began to be known by the tongue "broadcast 2". These years the domestic Chongqing small noodles not just admiring diners, there is more gold, they more value is a facet of the huge market opportunities, Chinese 1 billion 300 million population, general demand of the four corners of the world consumers, the industry can be described as eternal, classic project. Eat noodles is Chinese custom for thousands of years to develop eating habits to make pasta culture ingrained in people’s minds, some people even rather three eclipses no meat, do not eat without the meal on the surface to the point where the pasta preference is as the acme of perfection. With the development of national economy, the accelerated pace of life, Chinese demand for fast food has become explosive growth, and the small fast-food chain forms, which will fill the gaps in the market are huge.

the cat’s Chongqing small noodles by four large catering enterprises in Harbin co founded, including: Koal Street catering, catering, food catering, margin of future carbon restaurant. In order to better promote the small delicacy culture of Bashu, explore the northern traditional pasta food market. For the majority of diners is not only delicious, but also a simple and elegant dining environment and affordable price. With four Harbin strong senior catering company, for the brand development of the escort cat Po facet. The restaurant franchise mode, the cat project has the advantages of small richly endowed by nature.

in Ba Shu culture style of decoration for many diners, of retro simplicity, linger. Group of the supply chain system, so that the franchisee less cumbersome, the origin of high-quality food ingredients, the company dedicated, intentions, joined the business at ease, customers naturally feel safe about food safety. Franchisee business, chain platform based on the whole service, support and guidance, so that the road of wealth easy. Take the Chinese fast food passionate potential, help you sail cat woman.

Analysis of

‘s cat Chongqing small noodles profit:

store type   class   B class   C class a

area   60 square meters   square meters   120 square meters

total investment of 110230 yuan early   $145230   $174230

rent 274 yuan / day   $410 / day   $822 / day

electric water fees   200 yuan / day   yuan / day; 300   450 yuan / day

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