Optimistic about the timing of the first suite in Chongqing and two suites average commercial loan i

with nearly two years of real estate downturn, many people are hesitant to buy a house. According to the latest information, Xiao Bian here for you to talk about the first suite in Chongqing and two suites average business loan interest rates.

plans to buy a house for the public in the short term, is now quite cost-effective. Yesterday, a domestic financial institutions statistics show that in April the country’s first suite average personal loan interest rate of 4.52%, continued to hit a record low. The statistics of Chongqing (real estate) 16 banks in the city, the first suite of personal average loan interest rate of 4.38%.

data show that the city’s first suite loan policy is no big change compared to March. Included in the statistics of the 16 banks average interest rate discount of 8.93, the lowest for HSBC and China and Germany, and the rest are all the same as 10 percent off of the total of 15% off.

first suite down payment ratio, HSBC, Germany, standard chartered for 3, the rest are the lowest of 2.

last month, the city’s two suites personal loan interest rates, in addition to Standard Chartered still perform the benchmark interest rate on the basis of up to 5%, the other banks are floating up to the other 10%.

two suites Shoufu, CITIC, Xiamen (real estate), agriculture, industry and commerce, construction and the postal savings bank from the beginning of last month, down 4 this month to drop down into 3. Chinese traffic, and the people’s livelihood, Shanghai Pudong and Huaxia Bank has already implemented the two suites down 3.

for a friend to buy a house, now is a good opportunity. If there is demand for housing, to seize the opportunity to have their own house, a comfortable house, a shelter for your harbor!

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