Zhu Hongxing introduced the Lucai store franchise fee

joined the project Zhu Hongxing cooked Lucai shop in the ordinary people in the word-of-mouth has been very good, this is a part of the Suzhou local special snack. Zhu Hongxing Lucai store innovation and progress, constantly in the traditional method, brings to people today delicious. Zhu Hongxing Lucai store developed an exclusive, exclusive production, unique taste, only a natural market, make more money! So, Zhu Hongxing Lucai store franchise fee how much money

Zhu Hongxing Lucai franchise fee:

Zhu Hongxing Lucai franchise fee how much money? It needs to be judged according to Zhu Hongxing Lucai shop shop model.

1, standard store: Join fee 12800 yuan

15~20 square meters of small area, at least two employees, the headquarters for your staff, teach you, as you shop propaganda plan.

2, boutiques: Join fee 23800 yuan

Zhu Hongxing Lucai store boutiques, shops in 20~45 square meters, at least 4 employees joined after careful selection for your gift, gift shop.

3, flagship store: Join fee 45800 yuan

Zhu Hongxing Lucai store flagship store area of 60 square meters, more than 8 employees to set up shop, dishes are constantly updated, unified distribution of packets, regular staff training, providing consulting services.

above data for reference only, specific data, please leave a message below!

characteristics of the food and beverage market is very popular, operating characteristics of food stores, so you do a different business, so you have a higher starting point. Zhu Hongxing joined the national Lucai shop stores, unified image guidance, popular brand. During the cooperation, headquarters to give multiple support, timely organize all kinds of experience exchange meeting, to enhance the ability of entrepreneurs to create wealth, more simple.

if you really want to join Zhu Hongxing Lucai shop idea, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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