Can not ignore the drink straw

We need to pay attention to every detail of the

food and beverage health, because a long period of minor injuries in a certain period of time will give you a fatal blow, take our daily life in the habit of drinking drinks! The pipe around us is a humble role, but it is a necessity in our life. Hot soya bean milk, ice drink, fresh milk…… These delicious are inseparable from the "accompany"". As everyone knows, a small straw, but it is likely to damage the liver, kidney and even carcinogenic risk. I recently visited Beijing several places, it is found that large restaurants or street tea shop, there are three Straw abuse case.

wholesale market to sell 2 cents a

"almost every day I bought here earlier that day, Soybean Milk a little hot, plastic Straw stall provided directly on a drink, but drink a mouthful of plastic taste." Liu reflects to the author. Then the author learned from dozens of people, most people will usually use a straw, referred to the health problems of straws, but very helpless. Some people say so, said online, poor straw is used to recover the old bags to do, there is no poison?" Since plastic straws are freely available to consumers, operators will choose cheap, quality difficult to guarantee.

market is the eastern suburbs of Beijing, covers an area of 150 thousand square meters of large-scale comprehensive wholesale market. I visited the market more than and 10 disposable items wholesale sales center, in one of the stalls, see a lot of Straw brightly coloured plastic bag is simple, a strong smell in plastic.

Disposable hotel supplies sales center in front of the largest

in the eastern outskirts of the market, with some scattered has opened Straw, rushing trucks continue to raise dust, diffuse. I readily picked up 1 yuan a bag of straw found that although there are manufacturers, materials and other information, but there is no QS logo, there is no production date, shelf life, production license number and other information. When asked about the use of this straw when there will be plastic taste, the owner replied with disdain: plastic, plastic taste is also very normal ah." The store also said that Straw this price is very popular, the average only 2 cents each, if you take the goods will be cheaper. I asked the boss Straw hightemperatures, the boss said: "if you do not come to the goods, the goods are cheaper to buy out."

then, I visited the city several large supermarkets, found Straw supermarkets are lighter in color, packaging material, specified shelf life, manufacturers, contact telephone number, production license logo, is also clear that the cold and heat resistant temperature. 50 a package price of about 5 yuan, each nearly $1, is the wholesale market price of 5 times.

I call a Zhejiang production of straw after the formal business to understand, in accordance with the existing provisions of the state, >

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