Entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the place

entrepreneurship is not easy, everyone knows that a good entrepreneur will do more observation before the venture, in order to know the current market situation, where there is consumer demand. Insiders believe that entrepreneurs intend to start the following aspects need to pay attention to.

1, the surrounding community, the total population of the district and the changes of the population, the demographic factors, such as passers-by, marginal customers.

2, population composition. Community both urban people, but also from the field to the people, as well as the country’s foreign residents, which kind of people more gregarious, will affect the quality of business.

3, population density. For example, around the business district to distinguish the main business district, the secondary business district, the marginal values of the population.

4, sex structure. Different proportion of male and female, the nature of the operation is also different.

5, location of adult employment. The employment rate is related to the purchasing power.

6, age composition. Interior decoration style and this great relationship.

7, the number of structure. Two workers only child, the three or four generation family, an old married couple, targeted products to It differs from man to man.

8, marital status. Through the research, match up, do the wedding celebration.

9, fertility. To consider more for the parents, the economy is a comprehensive account of the child’s account.

10, the study of national structure. Different ethnic habits. Store the fine study, target market positioning will be more accurate.

usually pay attention to the market, analysis of consumer demand, until the real venture will worry a lot. These aspects do not seem to have anything to do with entrepreneurship, but they are closely related to changes in market demand, grasp the information, more conducive to entrepreneurs to find market demand.

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