How to see the handsome Wang Jianlin Wanda electricity supplier

is affected by the tide of the Internet, the traditional industry has always been to the city, Wanda Wanda electricity supplier also started to go the road, but the road electricity supplier in the recruitment is many twists and turns, the recent electricity supplier Wanda CEO announced his resignation, so Wang Jianlin also expressed their views.

6 on Sept. 6, Wanda electricity supplier before CEO Dong policy officially announced his resignation, he said in an internal letter quit because of "family illness, had to return to Australia, and take care of Wang Jianlin yesterday in the internal exchange meeting on the Wanda electricity problems are that Wanda electricity supplier hired some of the Internet out of body the people later found that they come just to sell things, can not find the feeling".

in the development planning of Wanda electricity supplier, and it is not only a sales oriented, it is the task of Wanda Plaza passenger into Wanda membership system, data mining and membership system, to make financial and cultural, sports and other emerging industries, to open up new areas of consumption in china. In fact, the Internet is currently more adept at the field of electricity providers or those overcapacity industries, such as clothing, mobile phones, electrical appliances, books, agricultural products, etc.."

from Wang Jianlin’s point of view, we can see him on the Wanda electricity supplier talent recruitment had his own views, so it is not the origin of the Internet enterprise talent can realize the integration of Wanda electricity supplier, after all, every business have their own values, especially with a mall owner like Wang Jianlin.

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