Month: March 2017

In September 12th 2012, Xining city development and Investment Fair ended, Xining city construction and Planning Exhibition scheduled for the closing ceremony after the end of the show. In view of the majority of the people of Xining to visit the enthusiasm, the decision is postponed to the next week show, not taking the time to visit the public please seize the opportunity to Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the A museum is located in the New South to visit.

Xining Municipal Planning Bureau and other municipal departments and the county in the 2012 Xining city development and Investment Fair before the opening of active exhibition, full use of sound and light and other multimedia and high-tech means, a comprehensive layout of a large number of Xining city city planning and construction of the pictures and sand, objectively and vividly reflect the Xining city landscape construction in recent years and the planning blueprint. Xining city leaders in that the general public because of work time conflicts and other reasons have not had time to visit the exhibition, the relevant departments will show special instructions to facilitate the extension of the show, the general public to visit. read more

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March 10th morning, Xining Nanchuan Road police station will be two negative case robbery had a gun in Nanhui District Shanghai fugitives arrested successfully.

the afternoon of March 9th, Nanchuan Road community police station found in the collection of input information based on the population, the arrest showed police comprehensive information on the platform of Nanhui District Shanghai City Public Security Bureau armed robbery suspects information on the Internet, and live in the area of temporary staff Zhao Xiong and consistent information. Police confirmed in detail after verification, the police quickly on the situation. Police immediately organized the police dispatched the two suspects waiting in the residence, at around 1 am, two suspects were arrested. read more

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this year, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau strengthen the management of recycling of scrap cars, and carried out combat illegal recycling scrap car sales, special rectification, effectively regulate the Xining scrap car recycling and dismantling market operation order.

Xining fair trade section chief Qiu Junhai:


so far, the city has to have business qualification registration, recycling companies of various types of 307 households registered, 7 of the scrap car dismantling companies and 302 auto repair factory and the recycling station carried out concentrated rectification and inspection, filing alleged illegal dismantling of scrapped cars of 13 cases the value of 35 thousand yuan, the collection of fines of 17 thousand yuan. read more

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recently, reporters from the province’s governance problem of wage arrears of migrant workers forum was informed that, since this year, our province attaches great importance to solve the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers, increasing the source of prevention, dynamic supervision, departmental interaction and law enforcement efforts to investigate, to achieve the transformation and normalization from the temporary assault began to system, the province’s migrant workers wage arrears the number of cases, involving the number, the number of petitions were significantly decreased. Up to now, the province paid a total wage of migrant workers 130 million yuan deposit, the new start of the project to pay the wages of migrant workers to pay the deposit of 80%, the cumulative payment of wages of migrant workers pay a deposit of $1 billion 70 million. Inspection and acceptance of complaints found 1396 cases, for the wages of 19 thousand and 700 migrant workers to recover wages of 266 million yuan, to better protect the interests of migrant workers. read more

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In August 3rd, Xining Hui middle school integrated teaching building school safety project started construction

8 month 3, Xining Hui secondary school integrated teaching building school safety project started construction.

The original building

Xining Hui middle school identified class D dangerous, have been removed and the building is five floors on the ground, local six, is building a set of teaching, experiment and business as a whole, a total construction area of 6849.90 square meters, invested 12 million yuan, plans in July 2012 to date, September use. read more

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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial admissions, "college enrollment plan in Qinghai and professional directory" has been in place to meet with the candidates. According to the province in recent days jiedousheng, repeat students have called to the provincial admissions consulting "college enrollment plan in Qinghai and professional directory" where to buy, if there is no reply: Zhaoban candidates in the subscription school or local admissions, directly to the first floor of the provincial admissions recruitment bookstore "(the only buy (54) No. 33 West Road, opposite the normal university).

this year province Zhaoban in the query results, introduced a new initiative, this year’s college entrance examination results will be published in three ways, one is free in Qinghai Recruitment Information network. The two is to test admissions inquiries. The three is to give candidates transcripts.

"in Colleges and universities can be purchased at designated locations in Qinghai enrollment plan and professional directory"

Zhaoban this year released second reminder   read more

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2012 in September 5th, Datong County Red Cross Second Congress was held at the seven floor conference room of county government, 118 representatives from the county administrative institutions and national religious circles to attend the meeting, the Municipal Red Cross party secretary, executive vice president Ma Weifu, deputy magistrate of the county people’s government Li Tianlu attended the meeting and delivered a speech, deputy Pei Gaihua, director of the county’s County CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Shengyuan and other leaders attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the director of the County Office of Zhang Yuanliang. According to the election of the general assembly, the representatives of the meeting fully prepared to take the form of a show of hands, elected 78 directors. Subsequently, Datong County Red Cross Second Council held its first plenary meeting, according to Council election, an election by a show of hands, Mr. Li Haijun was elected president of the Red Cross in Datong County, Datong County Comrade Wang successful executive vice president of the Red Cross, comrade Zhao Chengdong as the Datong County Red Cross full-time vice president, Su Li Chen Hui, Zhao Longsheng, Zhao Dewu, Zhang Xuefu, Ma Tiancai, Ma Tianyou, and Lega Dan 8 comrades as vice president of the Red Cross in Datong county. read more

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this year, the province to do everything possible to increase people’s livelihood, establish and improve the livelihood of the people to invest in a stable growth mechanism, innovative ways to invest in people’s livelihood, so that the fruits of reform and development to better benefit the people of all ethnic groups in the province. The first three quarters, the province’s fiscal expenditure for the livelihood of the people reached $88 billion 700 million, accounting for 76.8% of fiscal expenditure, some people’s livelihood indicators in the forefront of the west. read more

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advocated the "national fitness campaign" in 15 years, 15 years of physical fitness facilities in our province blossom everywhere, to provide convenience for the mass sports, its positive significance cannot be denied, but in some places, the protection and maintenance of fitness equipment has not attracted enough attention. Recently, the reporter visited a number of residential district in Xining found that the fitness facilities in the district is in the condition of no maintenance, aging damage, facing the update slow, difficult to update. More importantly, the damaged fitness facilities also have some security risks. read more

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recently, esch provincial trade unions, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions respectively to Huangzhong county to carry out 2011 autumn student activities, let the children of poor families round university dream.


activities in the province of education unions to thirty impoverished county of Huangzhong to teach children, each paid a $two thousand subsidy, Xining City Federation of trade unions for twenty laid-off workers, each of the children of migrant workers 3 thousand yuan grants. read more

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