Month: August 2017

if I say what website here how to design label design skills, how to distribution, keywords within the chain, we will immediately turn off the browser, I no longer hear a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

4, other details analysis of website optimization, including (H1 label, URL[/ is static, whether it is reasonable to use nofollow code, breadcrumb navigation classification is clear, Mata tag), after you finished your competitive analysis of all things, a good combination of. The competitors do things with competitors do not do things, or do you think you can do things together, to optimize your website. About nofol> read more

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The promotion of

through the website of the data show that the network is able to bring into effect promotion website. The key is to see how to do network promotion this thing. Effective analysis of the results, from two aspects to do comparison.

station promotion, release includes construction, Links link information. This work is very irritable, and needs as normal work to do. Does that produce the corresponding effect on the website? This is the network promotion, thinking of the problems. If a long time do not work like this, can have a corresponding effect. In this case, the network promotion, is a negative shock, but also a necessary work. read more

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404 page to be beautiful and practical

404 page do not appear 200 status code

in the process of Shanghai dragon learning, the 404 page is a Shanghai dragon which must master the skills, the proper use of 404 pages of the website is absolutely harmless. Some owners may feel the site without error pages, so that the 404 page is not essential role, in fact, not necessarily. Sometimes anywhere online there may be some errors in the URL path to your website, these are not under the control of our own, so the 404 page reasonable can make these mistakes to change the URL value. On the other hand, a good 404 page can let users leave a good impression on your website, for memory. read more

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level is highly similar, if interpreted as a coincidence, or ranking algorithm is similar, I can’t believe. In the case of large amounts of data, any > algorithm

here may need to explain "what is the final ranking adjustment" refers to. The search engine receives the query words in the database according to the normal algorithm should find the top 1000 (a baby) or 760 (love Shanghai) after URL, and not immediately displayed directly, but in the 1000 or 760 results to adjust the final ranking, including the links between some filtering the URL algorithm added, then calculate etc.. So, we sometimes see some very familiar, once had, now is some form of punishment in Shanghai website page seventy-sixth. Is not always seventy-sixth pages, often also appear in the last few pages, such as the Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝 homepage now on page seventy-fifth. Since these website is down right or punishment, simply can not find more suitable than? Why put on page seventy-sixth? The reason is probably the results returned after the final adjustment of the results. read more

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! The website

this article for the novice is a good dry cargo, in this blog, Hu Yibo will continue to update some experience to share with you the dry cargo. Shanghai dragon in this industry at any time to learn to share and exchange, to continue to change, because the search engine will continue to shift to Shanghai dragon to do the best that will be referenced on the network a word "policy, a policy of" the face of search engines, we need such a search for Countermeasures the spirit of read more

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description tags written in a very classic, with the title echoes the truth and essence to clarify Shanghai dragon will be the answer in the station. Specify the working time for eight years, and has a large share of the classic practical case, these are selling information, very attractive. Written description tag is to increase website hits, especially in some accurate data, can arouse the desire of users to understand.

first from the picture data speak for a single page, we should first look at the information set. read more

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? practitioners should have their own way of thinkingShanghai dragon

when it comes to data a lot of people are busy trouble, so is the author, as a rookie level Shanghai dragon, it is very difficult for us to go into contact with data, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng operation should be based on data and experience. Love Shanghai update the new algorithm, we really have to adjust, and should adjust what place, these will depend on the analysis of the data. The author is to do business station optimization, Shanghai Dragon Enterprise station need to do statistics and analysis of what data? The most important thing is the analysis of competitors, these statistics to be with the help of some software, such as: the locomotive collector can collect each rival some of the basic data of Shanghai Longfeng, including: the reverse link every day, daily included, rankings, to collect these data can use after the degree of production data table. To facilitate the analysis of these data, according to a keyword 50 competitors, some large data can analyze love Shanghai love what kind of business station. read more

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4: the case is more important than the degree of

2: Shanghai dragon division gradually subdivision

in the early stage of enterprise staff is Shanghai dragon Almighty personnel, need the construction and management of website content update, site outside the chain construction site and as long as the hanging hook is responsible, this also led to a clear color of Shanghai dragon is only one person. But with the continuous development of Shanghai dragon industry, increasingly fierce competition, we found that single-handed tactics can not meet the existing environment. Most powerful, visionary companies will set up their own Shanghai dragon team, more refined division of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng position is subdivided into: chain, professional web editing, web design work and so on. read more

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see from the above points, the love of Shanghai is very obvious to the original desire, and I feel that love is not friendly to Shanghai Shanghai dragon, noble baby basically there is no such situation. However, we do Shanghai Longfeng, mainly for the love sea to Shanghai dragon, which makes us very difficult if we a little Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love to fight, I do not know in the future.

1. The page title has piled up to a certain extent, of course, is not the kind of rigid pile, for example, we want to optimize the construction sites in Shenzhen [Key words], and the title is written: Shenzhen website | Shenzhen website… The word Shenzhen website production and construction sites in Shenzhen have great similarity, you do not say these two words are piling up, so we set the title at least before the love of Shanghai is no opinion, but also can have good rankings, but last night the love Shanghai big update, home page title is set for this type of station basically, affected. read more

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, search engine optimization, but a qualified Shanghai dragon Er is not only the ability of optimization, promotion or should have, with a good product, if you do not know how to promote it, no matter how good the product is a waste. Make promotion plan also to have certain organization and implementation, and consider a ROI.

two, the website content, architecture and codeThe importance of

four, improve the site rankings

Shanghai dragon Optimization of

, a set of search engine optimization scheme and implementation of read more

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