Month: September 2017

upgrade tool highlights:

beta status

1, the new custom query function: index data and trend of customized one kind of features of the web page, currently supports simple wildcard matching and fuzzy matching number all pages indexed.

2, the tool will follow functional upgrades, welcome to submit feedback in tools upgrade recommendations solicitation activities.

The The first step of

station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) August 30th news, this day Shanghai Webmaster Platform released index tool upgrade online announcement, the specific contents are as follows: read more

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love Shanghai auction one-stop platform, one-stop management now love Shanghai bidding main business: search marketing and web promotion, the promotion also includes PC side search search engine promotion and mobile search engine promotion, web promotion including the PC client and mobile network wide web promotion.

Public opinions are divergent. Shanghai K station since last year, love, some voices say, love Shanghai’s business is affected, so as to adjust the big action to recover their losses. Think carefully, of course this reason. The decline in performance, of course, to adjust. And the effect of the most direct reason is that users of two words. User experience makes love Shanghai quickly adjusted, that made this year’s 2013 spark program. Because of the importance of love Shanghai has pay attention to the user experience. Maybe you will say: "how do you know". read more

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preferred DNS server and backup DNS server settings for and

domain has been hijacked, the website DNS hijacked domain name, jump to the other sites

Double click the

1. in the different network domain name server to achieve separation of redundancy.

comment: website domain name hijacking, website DNS hijacked domain name, jump to the other sites how to solve? Appeared domain jump to other sites, this phenomenon is likely to be the domain name hijacking

1: open the network connection point attribute read more

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language usage: all content and labels should be unified with simplified meta. Love love Shanghai more simplified compared with traditional Chinese characters, and do not love Rome phonetic characters and special characters.

love Shanghai in Chinese search market share is very large, so for the B2B website marketing staff and it is a very powerful channel. In the eyes of B2B marketers love Shanghai search engine is one of the most popular search engine in the global market. To November 2013, Shanghai love search engine market share is 63.55%. The other two big game player in the market is 360 accounting for 21.84% of the market and Sogou 10.53%. read more

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Shanghai index. This is the most basic, if your word is not love Shanghai index, so sure is to do products online search not too many people, there is no optimal value, so in general you can directly give up (except for special products profiteering products depending on the actual situation); and Shanghai index can not simply love look, you have to look at the development trend, after all the virtual love Shanghai index will mislead you

two, to determine the key words: not selected products can be used as a web site keywords you have, you must consider your opponent, you are determined to search whether so much information on the Internet, simply speaking, is to determine the keywords you value is worth doing. read more

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just for a new website, improve website ranking will be all new Adsense dream of things, so many owners are absorbing all kinds of martial arts cheats, want to become the site field Master, but when facing the multitude cheats website optimization, some haoshouqiongjing results only become a theorist. When the actual always faced repeated failure, visible theoretical and practical gap is still very big! Knowledge is now inside the University, get the community to use, often let the students have just graduated at a loss, visible good theory, but also through the practice support, otherwise it is not any effect read more

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2. the contents of the original problem, in fact the contents of the original or not is not important, best original, can allow users to find elsewhere on the Internet in your website can’t find something that can improve user viscosity (but this requires good writing ability and the subject content professional knowledge), if there is no way to do original, collect some good articles is also a good way (collecting the need is consistent with site theme and some articles are more professional), and Shanghai officials have repeatedly said love, love the sea do not care about an article is original, only care about this article or this website can bring how much value to the user, this is the love of Shanghai on a website or web page value judgment standard. read more

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(Figure two)

first: the first to analyze the reasons, here mainly said from what aspects; most people know to look at the chain included site domain name is on the home page here this is not to say, novice friends might say that can see what, in fact, Zhengzhou website optimization just have said, is to look at you without the WWW domain name is what are you ranked (if not with the WWW domain name analytic or do jump can omit this step), especially for the recent love Shanghai large fluctuations in many sites without the WWW domain name more than a ranking of why this situation is particularly useful, if there is not www the ranking proof of your site itself not what problem, change is to love Shanghai there, the reason is not you, so you don’t need to specifically what to do: adjustment if both are not ranked, so card Your website is really a problem, you need to check your site page Links included the chain code and other aspects, and make timely targeted measures and the corresponding change. read more

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, early should be as much as possible to update the high quality articles

‘s sixty set Du Forum

through the investigation on the site, included stable after the start of the chain stability update. Of course, taking the chain placed sixty Du began to start relatively late, normally one to two weeks after the start of the chain update, but be careful, do not group, do not buy the chain link! Taking placed sixty Du is mainly divided into four parts: 1. for related high weight on the altar with individuality signature; 2. blog, and added light processing related within the article in the blog, and wait for the search engines, included after the start add link; 3. small encyclopedia and Q & a platform; 4. Links; 5. friendship chain, fifth point to a friend’s special thanks to put sixty Du. The net is called the son, he released the chain are handy for our forum sent much chain in every day. This is all part of read more

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original >

And the evaluation is the best reply The concept of

spider love original right? But the spider grab is what? It is to seize the contents inside? It is to grab the content of a page is? If my article is a reprint of others, this part of the page, but I will create another part of the content to fill it! If additional content than the content of the article, so is this page is more than 50% of the original degree? This is not an original page? The answer is obvious…… So, when we have plenty of original content, we can think of the way it is with other content to fill the page. Let this page presents to the search engine is an original page! So the spider will crawl, but it is very happy to grab. Well, the next question is how to do with these contents. read more

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