in between countries are following multi-step help, an unjust cause finds scant support. In the life and social circle, also follow the same rules, many good friends. But, in the ancient sage also warned us, making friends and between country and country are divided into different layers, various grades and ranks. In the construction site, also follow such a point of view, is the quality of the chain level, indirectly determines the site in love Shanghai impression. We can treat the love of Shanghai was a person, love can be divided into the relationship of Shanghai, see you at that level. read more

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on site optimization in the A5 tutorial, there are a lot of good can reference, combined with their own website optimization is the best. Today, small venture A5 to contribute, to share, to share the details of website structure optimization, is hoped to be helpful for the novice webmaster.

on the website navigation settings mentioned keywords

URL is the depth of the directory depth we often say, when spider crawling the page, is generally not more than 4 directory. So for the weight and PR are below 4 Station Directory depth should avoid more than 3 directory. For example: the 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/html/2013/05/349.html URL can write 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/html-2013-05-349.html, one is the four level directory of another is a directory, the spider will more easily grasp who? You can check some of the weight of relatively high site, look at the directory depth of them is how to write. read more

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, 2) to the average daily traffic is relatively high in the weight of high site. Google PR value high site will have many advantages in exchange chain, love Shanghai weight (currently only) the level of weight daily access to the site is not to be ignored;

sad Tencent did not qualify for the Top10 list, because Tencent travel site is the use of top-level domain network. I think if in the two level domain name will list. What is the Phoenix Travel Channel PR value actually is: 0. Therefore, from the above point of view on the website PR value, the channel is not very seriously. read more

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in Yong brother today inside the group, listen to independent blog webmaster Dean level figures, Lou song song brother share Shanghai dragon as well as from the media operation knowledge. He also mentioned several obvious points to summarize here.

?First, the most basic

from the media: to choose their own good love to do, and is continuing to do, to express their own ideas and so on. So you can deep root in a market segment, and will be willing to be your fans will follow you.

is a very important song brother talked about, whether it is from the media to do or do the Shanghai dragon, the content is a very important part of the content come from? How to write the content in front of me, there are several articles have had to tell you how to do can be created good content, customers love to see the content etc.. read more

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report is not difficult to see, directly through the search of the user, the same frequency is not what changes, but the indirect search through the local market share, but increasingly raised, the browser is a party, the current through the mobile phone browser search market share continues to expand, it is obvious that Shanghai Dragon Er are eyeing the mobile search the market of this fertile grassland, the search results will not become Shanghai dragon Er focus on the grass, from the current Shanghai official love love Shanghai mobile analysis, search results, or through the form of transcoding display in the mobile phone terminal directly, but according to my observation, mobile search results of medical industry, tourism industry, education and training such as "sunrise industry" in the search results can be different, this shows what the problem? Love Shanghai official to the information is not accurate, or Has been on the side of the grass "black hand", hey, I do not know, you can try, oh… But the Shanghai Longfeng workers often do, after all, the Shanghai dragon needs to live continuously, to explore, to sum up to know what you don’t know well to the algorithm. read more

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(4) to the new IIS site to the program directory, set the directory permissions.

case 1: Youku 123 site 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝

(2) packaged on the original server Youku 123 web site home MySQL database website program files.

has a lot of friends ask website development to a certain extent, the performance of the original space or the server is not enough, upgrade to a higher configuration space or

here, I tell you to personal example is influential, if you just change the server is not affected, but even if you are IP to replace the words, see the impact of the actual situation will have big or small. If you change the server or space has not been timely configured, cause the server is not stable, please., the impact is really big ah. read more

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web development framework for requirements is relatively high, we have to first think we should do it what kind of website is a website, and then according to the idea to build the framework we want.

The framework of

web site development, the condition is very low, we do in web development must pay attention to avoid some mistakes, if this happens, the error corrected in a timely manner, to prevent the future of our website business caused by an obstacle.

then another point is that when we do web development must pay attention to our website upload pictures, their definition of image clarity. For an overall effect of the website presentation, is quite important. If you say the sharpness of the image he is not high enough, there will be a slightly enlarged fuzzy such a case, so the overall effect on our website will cause a negative impact of ambiguous pictures, user browsing will be also not pleasing to the eye. read more

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site structure: the structure of the website is not what big problem, is used in CMS system. But Li Mitian found Shanghai dragon has two small website:

specific solutions

a few days ago to help a friend to solve the optimization problem in Shanghai Longfeng, adjust the site before the site web page is not the first. Site after adjustment (roughly a week) to site web page has been restored first. Gossip is, how to solve the site web page is not the first problem? Followed by Shanghai dragon in detail: read more

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often pay attention to other people’s Shanghai dragon or network marketing blog, it is not difficult to find their posts to do a lot of anchor text links, so many webmasters will some be rather baffling, an article to do so many links, can let the articles included? Or that they do so much to the anchor text to what

is reasonable in the chain, the site is like a net, the weight is reasonable allocation. Not like some website some columns weight, some columns didn’t even be included. The weights of the website promotion, can bring more long tail keywords ranking, so that the site flow. read more

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thought of this method is tested, can be the last time I suddenly felt confused, because words do recently: how long can do B Ultrasound, probably spent time more than a month, but the ranking has been hovering between the 5-8, the most puzzling is that, recently this period of time no matter how the chain, Yahoo chain has been maintained at around 600, the number of the chain has lasted nearly 10 days. The chain number here is No. 11.14:

Yahoo the chain how recently? All the information to contact since the website optimization from what I saw told me the most professional query tool chain website is Yahoo outside the chain, basically in the key words when they are checked once a week for a week, see the chain the key whether there are changes in the end what is the relationship between the chain number and rank. For example, some time ago to do the word Wenzhou in the treatment of uterine fibroids hospital, just started doing keyword ranked 11, about the chain for half a month, ranking to the first query, the number of the chain as shown in figure read more

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